Colosseum - 3D Jekca constructor ST27AW01

Colosseum - 3D Jekca constructor ST27AW01

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Building blocks for Kidults

Thanks to Jekca`s patented Brick-throygh Technology, every Jekca bricks you build can be held sturdy. It allow you to build realistic brick sculptures with ease. The collection of Jakca sculptures includes but not limited to a wide range of dogs, cats, safari and marine animals, and even, prehistoric giant dinosaurs. Jekca brings you the most extraordionary brick experience which no other toy bricks can offer.

Jekca is the kidult version of toy bricks you played during childhood and has brought it to a new realm. With Jekca, everyone can experience the joy and pride of a true craftsman. You can now create the most intricate and functionl craft items in the easiest way possible. Dream up wild ideas or be inspired by the fascinating designs in our building manuals. Either way, Jekca - The Real Building Blocks will surely provide you with an enjoyable and rewarding experience!
Age 6+
Compatibility 0% with other brands
Material ABS plastic
Number of details 3 160
Series Sculptor

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